About Claire Atherton

Writer and Poet. Actress and Executive Producer For The Stoke Haunted team.



Hello I'm Claire Atherton.

I am a stay at home mum of three; wife to my wonderful husband Wesley of 13 years and more recently a progressive writer, poet, crew member and business owner/creator - On paper I look like a busy busy bee.

Over the last few years I have delved into the writing world head first. So far I have managed to get myself published on a children's website for short stories, published in multiple "United Press" books of poetry. I have even managed to land myself two minor roles in films where I have also been involved in the script writing and making of the films too. Recently, I have become resident writer for Stoke Haunted Investigation Team, where I follow them around during their paranormal hunts, record results and information for them. After the event I research and collate the notes into a formal write-up that I post on my website and the team post on theirs. It has gained me a new appreciation for working within boundaries and I enjoy the challenge if I'm honest too. 

As a child I loved to write though never took it seriously enough to finish anything I'd started. I am glad to say that with age that has changed.

I consider myself to be very lucky to have met the people I have along my short journey as a writer to date. I have become acquainted with so many interesting and wonderful people during my research and my time helping out as crew on film sets. I have found that once you are able to integrate into this type of community there is always someone willing to help, whether it is someone to bounce ideas off, or, someone who is prepared to proof read your work and advise accordingly.

I will not claim to be anywhere near as good as the more seasoned writers who make up the shelves in book stores and supermarkets. I hope, with time and all of the support I receive across the treacherous world that is mulling over words that I may sometime share that same shelf space.

I hope that you find this site enjoyable and/or useful, maybe even both which would be an added bonus.