About Claire Atherton

Writer and Poet. Actress and Executive Producer For The Stoke Haunted team.

A Little More...

I have been extremely lucky to have worked with some brilliant writers and production companies some of which are are listed below:-

Peter Allchin

Nick Corder

Chris Stone

Rotten Park Road Theatre Company

Amy Louise Hall

Lara De Leuw

Michelle Gent

and so many more though the above have made the most impact.

Early on in my writing career ( if you can call this my career already) I befriended and gentleman by the name of Peter Allchin. I discovered that he ran his own website designed specifically for childrens stories. In contrast, I also learned that Peter was a published author in his own right. Having a witty but sometimes dark imagination, Peter had written about fictional vampires. Not long into our friendship, I was asked if I could produce some short stories for his childrens' website. I jumped at the chance and subsequently now have a number of tale published online. I will post the link for all things associated with this paragraph on the "links" page. 

Also I am on the committee and write for the "TAG Mag" (Tunstall and Goldenhill Magazine). This is a free magazine for local writers to showcase their poems and stories. I will add the link for the "TAG Mag" onto the "links" page on this site for those who are interested in knowing more or reading the products from local writers.

My son and daughters school allowed myself to work with a small group of children in an after school workshop. I was amazed at their ability and continued to work on their knowledge until we produced a small book which now sits proudly in the school library. 

Some of my poetry has been submitted to United Press for competitions. Although I have never won, I have been chosen multiple times to have my work show cased in their anthologies and books. Likewise through a local competition, I have had a piece of work published through the City library in their 2010 anthology.

I have recently worked with Rotten Park Road Theatre Company and Director Chris Stone on a short film project sponsored by the NHS. The twenty minute film was based on mental health issues throughout the community and the taboos associated with them. I got to do a bit of everything - script writing, editing, lighting, sound, location scouting and even a bit of acting. (Two or three lines maximum towards the end) Doing the project proved to spark an interest in myself towards the film production market. I will post the appropriate link relating to this paragraph on the "links" page.

Towards the end of 2010 I have been working on a feature film. John Symes, who has his own production and distrubution company (Red Sky Productions) will be working alongside us as producer and director. I can't believe my luck. So far the early stages have been amazing and so much fun. On top of all of this, John Symes has commissioned me to write some of his films into book format. Links to everything mentioned in this paragraph will be posted on the "links" page.

Like I have said time and time again, I have had many doors opened to me through sheer luck though hard work and perserverance has also played its role in me being where I am today. I hope to continue in my path to grow into a bigger and better writer.