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Posted by Claire Atherton on October 24, 2013 at 7:35 AM

Man, how lapse am I?

It has been a month since I last came on here to enter a news update (feels like I'm in a confessional). I have been busy, maybe not visibly to everyone else, but, I have been writing and writing and writing...I am on the last third of handwriting the new Choose Your Own Fate book - typing it up will come later.

For now; and this weekend, I am doing very little with my own works, this weekend my little brother gets married and his baby girl gets christened so everything revoles around the preparation - the daunting part being that I am charge with videoing the whole thing. (I am by no means great at it but I will give it my best bet - I just hope that I don't mess up. 

Right at this very moment I am compenplating what to do as my eyes are tired and heavy and it is that awkward time in the day when I think "do I make a start on continuing a project, or, do I have a break because if I start handwriting the project I will become so invested in what I am doing that it will be hard to stop to collect the kids. I have to ride the wave of creativity, jumping off the wave part way through will leave me behind as the wave heads off into the distance. There maybe other waves, but will they be the same?

So, I am off with no decison made either way. I wish you all a brilliant weekend and Halloween holiday.

Claire x


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