About Claire Atherton

Writer and Poet. Actress and Executive Producer For The Stoke Haunted team.


Below is a space for testimonials from those who have not only worked alongside me but who know me personally.

Quotes Very pleased with the letters Claire has done for me. Had I done them there would have been lots of "f" words in them. I know that they are for legal purposes and Claire is not qualified but she did a good job. Thanks Quotes
A Cartwright
Disgruntled Uncle

Quotes I thoroughly enjoyed reading the very comedic creative work of a certain Mrs Atherton. Her efforts in all written works has shown her capabilities to adapt to what ever genre is presented to her in a timely manner. Her attention to detail is impecable as well as having a keen interest in researching cultural and legal backgrounds for her latest films. All together, a very hard worker and a good friend. Edwina Giles. Quotes
Satisfied recipient of a the works written by Claire Atherton.

Quotes I worked with Claire on the set of Philip Gardiner's new Movie: Paranormal Haunting: The Curse Of The Blue Moon Inn and found Claire to be well-organised, professional, courteous and a great intermediary between the Crew and the Hosts. Quotes
Michelle Gent
Author and Crew Member

Quotes Claire was wonderful to work with - our on set mum on "Paranormal Haunting - The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn". She worked so hard to make sure everything was prepared and that we were all taken care of. I'm looking forward to working with her again! Thanks Claire! Quotes

Quotes I have worked with Claire on set for a film, and she was an all a-rounder, was up all night making things ready for us to act on screen, i.e make up, continuity, time coding the shots, etc professional Quotes
Alex Da Silva
Actor - Possessed 2010

Quotes Was absolutely brilliant having you on set Claire, you picked up so many continuity things and watched my back! Great job! Quotes
Philip Gardiner
Director -A Paranormal Haunting - The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn

Quotes Enthusiastic, disciplined, focussed, professional, dedicated, skilled and a nice lady as well. What more can any Director want? Really looking forward to working with Claire on Paranormal Haunting: The Curse of the Blue Moon Inn and many more! Recommended! Quotes
Philip Gardiner

Quotes iv brought many of these fab products and its very well made, also its to ur taste working with a creative designer with a gud understanding of her clients.. all personal at amazing prices Quotes
Janie JD Hill
Jewellery Customer